Toshiba 500GB 2.5″ Internal Bare-OEM Hard Drive MQ01ABF050

Toshiba 500GB 2.5″ Internal Bare-OEM Hard Drive MQ01ABF050

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  • Extra slim design with 7.0 mm height
  • Excellent power efficiency
  • SATA 6GB/s 600 Mbps
  • 5400 rpm 8 MB cache
  • 30 Days Warranty
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Toshiba 500GB 2.5″ Internal Bare-OEM Hard Drive

Fast access and fast transfer rate

Quick spin up of Spindle Motor 3.5 sec.
Average access time 12 msec enabled by optimized balance of a head actuator assembly and an efficiently designed magnet of rotary VCM.
Interface speed up to 3 gigabits per second.
Disk transfer: 1469.7 (MQ01 ABF050M) / 1068.1 (MQ01 ABF032M) megabits maximum per second.
Read ahead cache and write cache enhancing system throughput.

Intelligent Interface

ATA8/Serial ATA 2.6, 3.0 interface supported.
Quick address conversion in translation mode.
Translation mode which enables any drive configuration.
Support 28 bit LBA (Logical Block Address) mode commands and 48bct LBA mode commands.
Mult word DMA, Ultra-DMA modes and Advanced PIO mode settings / commands supported.
Native Command Queue supported.
Staggered Spin / Activity supported.

Data integrity
Automatic retries and corrections for read errors.

High reliability
Highest reliability of 600,000 hours for MTTF (Mean Tone To Failure).
Powerful self- diagnostic capability, Shock detection with shock sensor circuit for high immunity against operating shock up to 3,920 m/s2 (400G).
Automatic carriage lock secures heads on the ramp with high immunity against non operating shock up to 9,800 m/s2 (1000G).

Low power consumption
– Low power consumption by Adaptive Power Mode , power consumption low by Serial ATA Device Initiated Power Management.

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