Havit HV-F2051 Notebook Laptop Cooling Pad

Havit HV-F2051 Notebook Laptop Cooling Pad

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  • Ideal for laptops 17 inches or below
  • Ergonomic design
  • Its size & design allows for easy storage & carriage anywhere
  • Fan dimensions: 360 x 270 x 23mm
  • Noise level: 20db
  • Rated voltage: DC 5V
  • Current: 0.15±10%A
  • Speed: 1200RPM
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Havit HV-F2051 Notebook Laptop Cooling Pad

The Havit HV2051 is one of the lightest laptop cooling pads we reviewed. In order to maintain its minimal size and weight, it sacrifices some of the features found in more stationary models. However, if portability is your main concern, the Havit may well be the best laptop cooler for you Despite sacrificing a few features here and there, the Havit isn’t lacking in cooling performance. It uses one 16 CM large powerful for maximum airflow.Most of the time a laptop cooler stays in one place. Be it at home or work, these devices don’t typically do a lot of traveling. For this reason, they aren’t typically designed for it. The Havit HV-F2051 however, is a high-quality cooling pad that does an excellent job of keeping bulk and weight down to facilitate packing it away with your laptop.

In order to protect your laptop/notebook

The Havit Laptop Cooling Pad can keep the laptop from overheating and ensuring normal usage. With a speed of 1200RPM it dissipates the heat but produces less noise. Its size and design makes it very comfortable to use and allows easy storage in bags. It is quite easy to use, all you need do is lay down the anti-slip holder, place your laptop on it, plug in USB cable and it starts working.

Traditional laptop cooling

Traditional laptop cooling pads do not have enough clearance below the pad to provide sufficient air flow. Even with the stands extended, they are still practically useless when using the laptop on your lap or in bed with blankets. HAVIT’s unique stand raises the laptop sufficiently to provide more than adequate airflow below the laptop pad while giving you optimal viewing angles whether you’re sitting or lying down.

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