Avast Internet Security 2017 - 1 Year 3-Users

Avast Internet Security 2017 - 1 Year 3-Users

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  • Two new shields. Double protection
  • Simple on the outside, smart on the inside
  • Business security with teeth
  • Next-gen cybersecurity for all
  • We are 400 million. Be our “plus one”
  • Award-winning protection, whatever you choose
  • 1 Year Warranty
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Avast Internet Security 2017 1 Year 3 User

Intelligent antivirus – Detects all kinds of nasty threats, from viruses to malware. Yes, even spyware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

Firewall – You lock your front door to keep thieves out of your home – so why should your computer be any different? Firewall keeps you safe from all kinds of intruders.
Sandbox – Ever downloaded a file from a shady server and suspected it’s trouble? Test files in a sealed space first, and keep the rest of your PC safe.
Home Network Security – Is your router set up properly? We’ll tell you. Otherwise, anyone can break into your network and anything connected to it (like your computer, phone, or printer).
Smart Scan – The ultimate time-saver. Check your PC and network for all kinds of issues in just one easy click.

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